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*To register, a parent/guardian first must register as an adult, then add a child, then you will be able to register

* IMPORTANT* Please enter all information carefully and correctly as what you input is how we contact you, as well as what goes into the coaches handbook for recruiting, we do not edit information unless instructed to do so.  We apologize for repeat questions, we collect this for recruiting purposes and different databases shared with the coaches 


The tryout fee is $75 

A check in the amount of $400 made out to Empire State Cup is required at tryouts (unless prior arrangements are made with ESC) this check is kept only if you make the team



The total fee is $75 paid through this registration No tryouts this summer for football unless otherwise stated

Empire State Cup

Boys & Girls Lacrosse

July 29-31 2015


 Boys 7 v 7 Football

August 1 & 2 2015


Boys Indoor Lacrosse

February 2016

Syracuse, NY